Monday, September 12, 2005

Steve Henry in 2007: Can't Help Being Typical Dem

The Democratic Party's highest profile candidate for 2007 could well be former LG Steve Henry. In an interview over the weekend, Henry pointed to "cuts" in education and health care by the Fletcher administration as major causes for getting him into the race.

That is where this thing is headed.

Spending more money on education isn't going to get us anywhere. That we can't get beyond this simple fact is a testament only to the vast resources that we waste empowering the teachers' union.

And if what Henry really wants to do is dump more and more money into Medicaid without reforming the program, he needs to come clean on whose taxes he wants to raise and by how much.

Henry had his chance. His Patton administration's screwing around for eight years is precisely why we have many of the problems we are dealing with now.