Monday, June 13, 2005

Trouble in Paradise

Shouldn't Frankfort Democratic Party officials be walking Cheshire Cat Grins with the Kentucky media printing all their press releases on the state government hiring probe?

But it isn't so.

Ben Chandler's campaign manager found one Dem who isn't piling on fast enough and he is hot on Bruce Lunsford's trail.

Mark Nickolas even rips KDP communications director Dale Emmons for calling Chandler a "crybaby," and urges Emmons to make Lunsford jump on the bandwagon, suggesting that if he doesn't he is a liar.

Nickolas goes on to wax eloquently about sodomy and teen sex, conjures up a secret meeting with Louie Nunn (who predicts that Fletcher will be as bad as Patton, of course), and calls the Jessamine Journal a "conservative weekly" and the Danville Advocate Messenger the most biased newspaper in the state on his new web site.

His site is complete with links to way-far left bomb throwers Daily Kos and Eschaton.