Monday, June 13, 2005


Kentucky Democratic Party Communications Director Dale Emmons was on Louisville radio this morning complaining about Democrats' inability to get out their "message."

In one particularly funny bit, Emmons blamed the loss of 4th district Dem Nick Clooney on the "Republican attack machine" rather than on Clooney's far-left views and public meltdowns late in the campaign that actually cost him the election.

Emmons also claimed that 2006 would be a better year for Democrats because of the county elections "where Democrats always win big."

Except for 2002, Dale. The trend isn't your friend.

More important than the Republican Attack Machine in 2006 will be the behavior of Frankfort's House Democrats in the 2006 General Assembly. We expect another year of whiny, watered-down Republican Lite to be the real reason for the next round of we-can't-get-our-message-out-ism.