Monday, June 13, 2005

GOP Congressman Goes Squishy On War

Recently we extolled the virtues of Rep. Walter Jones' Restoration of Free Speech Rights for Houses of Worship bill on this site. Now that he is calling for surrender on one of the two main foreign fronts in the War on Terror, we have to question the wisdom of associating with him at all.

Rep. Jones totally missed the point of what we are doing in Iraq when he said "This is what I believe is the right thing to do for our military first; and secondly, I think we are doing everything we can do in Iraq to give them an opportunity to have a democracy, to defend themselves." The fact is that we are helping Iraq to develop freedom for our own benefit and the safety of our own people. If the war was some kind of altruistic exercise, I would agree with Rep. Jones. But this kind of talk only serves to embolden our enemies, both foreign and domestic. It is shocking that people in greater numbers seem to be forgetting what the terrorists are capable of doing to us.

We've come to expect Democrats to grouse about the war effort, but a North Carolina Republican?