Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Greg Stumbo's big chance

On May 27, 2004, then Kentucky Attorney General Greg Stumbo filed suit in Franklin Circuit Court against Republican Governor Ernie Fletcher for spending state money without legislative approval. Now that Democratic Governor Steve Beshear is attempting a far more egregious usurpation than that of Gov. Fletcher, Stumbo can show consistency by standing up for the legislature he currently has a hand in leading as Speaker of the House.

The Kentucky Supreme Court subsequently agreed with Stumbo in 2005 that the Governor may not spend funds beyond those appropriated by the legislature. In multiple recent media appearances, Gov. Beshear has claimed constitutional authority for setting up the Kentucky "ObamaCare" Health Benefit Exchange but has failed to specify which section of the Constitution provides him such authority.

That's because this question has already been answered: there is no such authority. Beshear appears determined to drag the Commonwealth through another pointless argument in his blind support for President Obama. Stumbo has made statements suggesting he suffers similarly with allegiance to the failed Obama. He could start to break free of these chains by taking on Beshear now and standing with the Constitution and the citizens he is so keen to lead.