Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perjury for fun and profit in Lexington

Fayette County Prosecutor Charles "Sam" Finley apparently thought he was being cute in his court battle against a Lexington small business and it may get him in hot water.

Finley filed an 11th hour motion yesterday to appeal a judge's order for Lexington police to return tens of thousands of dollars in improperly confiscated inventory to Botany Bay, 932 Winchester Rd. Lexington Police have blatantly ignored orders from Judge Kim Wilkie to return the inventory -- which video evidence seems to indicate they have destroyed.

In Finley's motion, he claimed Judge Wilkie did not allow prosecutors and police to give supporting evidence for holding on to Botany Bay's inventory, much of which was taken despite not being specified -- even generally -- on a search warrant served last August. His claim, it turns out, was false. Judge Wilkie made that point abundantly clear in court.

Wilkie's ten minute dressing down of Finley in court this morning was a sight to behold. How this young kid, a 2011 graduate of NKU law school, thought he would get away with it is unimaginable.