Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jim DeCesare, ObamaCare slayer

Kentucky Senator Julie Denton's anti-ObamaCare bills (SB 39 and SB 40) will have no trouble getting through the Senate, but Obamacrats in the House have promised a swift death to both of them in the House Health & Welfare Committee.

A discharge petition requiring signatures of twenty five House members could force the bills past leadership and onto the House floor for a vote, where lots of Democrats would be afraid to vote against them. Bowling Green Rep. Jim DeCesare was the first to bring the issue up today.

"We would have to let the bills languish in a committee for a little while, but then we could do (a discharge petition)," DeCesare said.

Please call the legislature at 502-564-8100 and thank Rep. DeCesare for his leadership on killing ObamaCare in Kentucky. He will then need 24 friends in the House to step forward. Any volunteers?