Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nice try, David Williams

Kentucky Senate President David Williams continues to watch his gubernatorial dreams of personal government pension excess fade after a horrid last few weeks saw him botch the regular legislative session budget negotiations before wilting in the special session, giving Governor Steve Beshear exactly what he wanted.


All Williams could do as Democrats ran rings around him was protest weakly and pull together the last remaining handful of House Republicans who can't decide if they should actually follow Williams or just fear him for a poorly conceived attempt to extend the session.

Watching Williams expose his ineptness is fun for those of us who have been aware of it for a while. It's interesting that Williams yesterday in Northern Kentucky shifted from his prior strategy of trying to run the Republican primary by criticizing Beshear to ratcheting up his attacks on insurgent Tea Party candidate Phil Moffett.

In an NKY.com article, Williams touted his "experience" while claiming Moffett lacks "capacity to execute" and has a platform that is "shallow."

I think we have had more than enough of Williams' execution and depth.

It appears David Williams is adrift.