Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stop feeding them...

... and the Left turns to eating each other.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman isn't happy with the bank bailouts that the rest of us aren't happy with either:
"Obama and Geithner say things like,"
"If you underestimate the problem; if you do too little, too late; if you don’t move aggressively enough; if you are not open and honest in trying to assess the true cost of this; then you will face a deeper, long lasting crisis."
"But what they’re actually doing is underestimating the problem, doing too little too late, and not being open and honest in trying to assess the true cost. The actual plan seems to be to keep the banks semi-alive by implicitly guaranteeing their liabilities and dribbling in money as necessary, all the while proclaiming that they’re adequately capitalized — and hope that things turn up. It’s Japan all over again."
"And the result will probably be a deeper, long-lasting crisis."

As funny as it is to see President "Nationalize It All" catch hell for not nationalizing fast enough, the rest of us need to keep making the case for less government intervention so the private sector can pull us out of this downturn. Just like it always does.