Monday, February 02, 2009

How about a colorblind natural disaster?

A North Carolina think tank stuck its tongue in its cheek over the weekend and asked why President Barack Obama hates the white people in Kentucky. The question isn't any more ridiculous than the persistent nonsense about former President George W. Bush hating all the black people in Katrina-struck New Orleans, but the following point from John Locke Foundation is worth considering:
"It is the iron law of Katrina: The federal government, marginally competent in the best of times, assumes super-human powers in times of natural disasters. Ergo, any lack of relief is the direct result of a lack of compassion, probably racially motivated, on the part of the occupant of the White House."

Of course, there is no danger of the mainstream media picking up on an "Obama lied while Kentuckians died" screed. They understand he is busy fixing the world's economy.

And speaking of racism, Obama now wants to keep the Yellow Man down. Or something (click to expand):