Saturday, November 01, 2008

Who do you think you're foolin' Obama?

Samuel Thompson is a law professor at Penn State who is circulating an email claiming that Sen. Barack Obama's "spread the wealth" hubbub is only about $4.60:
"What would happen to Joe if he were successful in buying the business and making over, say, $350,000 per year? Under the current Internal Revenue Code, for each $100 Joe earns over $350,000, he would pay a tax of $35. Under Senator Obama’s tax plan, for every $100 Joe earns over $350,000, he would pay a tax of $39.60. Thus, Senator Obama’s plan would tax Joe an additional $4.60 for each $100 Joe makes over $350,000, and this $4.60 is the basis of the argument around Joe the Plumber."

This would only have a possibility of being true if, for starters, you didn't pay any attention to Obama's Social Security tax increase and his health insurance scheme tax increase. And then there are some of us who didn't believe Bill Clinton when he campaigned on a middle class tax cut. That turned into the biggest tax increase in U.S. history. Why should we expect Barack Obama, backed by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, to do any differently?