Saturday, November 01, 2008

Term limits would fix this

A Lexington Herald Leader article about Kentucky's dependence on long-time incumbents in Washington D.C. building their careers on how much pork they can bring back to the state features the Bluegrass Institute's Jim Waters:
"That's a great indicator that Kentucky is falling behind the other states economically," said Jim Waters, spokesman for the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, a free-market think tank in Bowling Green.

"It really indicates the depths to which our political campaigns have sunk," Waters said. "All we hear from our sitting U.S. senator is the amount of pork he's brought back. We need to be discussing national security and how we're going to strengthen our economy. We're not hearing about any real issues."

Again and again, we see redistribution of wealth serving mainly those who live off the government. The only fair way to fix this is to limit lawmakers' terms in office and cut Kentucky's dependence on federal dollars cold turkey. We will be a wealthier state in the long run with this approach. The old Great Society way isn't getting anything good accomplished.