Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow, that was quick!

More than a month ago, you read here that the Fayette County Detention Center had fired the four indicted and suspended officers in the inmate abuse scandal. There were more details provided here last week.

The Lexington Herald Leader is on the case today, talking to the union president I got the same information from in mid-August.

What's odd is that the four indicted former officers appealing to get their jobs back even merits a news story now. All this amounts to is the defendants trying to keep themselves busy before their November 12 pre-trial conference by acting like they aren't going to prison.

What the Herald Leader should be reporting on is why Cpl. John Vest, who the city has been trying to malign for two years, still has his badge, ID card, uniforms, and keys to the jail but isn't allowed back to work. His slander and civil rights violation lawsuit is getting stronger every day.