Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Grayson rips Obama/Biden coal plan

Secretary of State Trey Grayson called on Kentucky Democrats Gov. Steve Beshear, Bruce Lunsford, and Sen. David Boswell to take sides for or against the coal industry.

Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden has chosen his side. He is against it.

Grayson said:
"Recently, the Obama-Biden ticket showed its true colors as it relates to the future of coal in our country. Sen. Biden said at a campaign rally in Ohio that in an Obama-Biden administration there would apparently be 'no coal plants here in America.' This bait and switch is similar to Senator Obama's support of clean coal legislation that Senator Bunning and he co-sponsored in the Senate. Obama eventually voted against the legislation."

"Governor Beshear, Bruce Lunsford, and State Senator David Boswell, who either represent coal producing counties or are running to do so, should renouce these reckless and uninformed beliefs of the Obama-Biden ticket, particularly on the eve of Senator Biden's visit to Kentucky. During these difficult economic times, we should be doing more to spur Kentucky's economy, not trying to extinguish it."