Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Would Beshear Fix Kentucky If He Knew How?

Steve Beshear's answer to a gambling question veered quickly onto turf a Republican governor should be taking him apart on, namely, socialized medicine. When asked if gambling is a sin, Beshear responded:

The real sin is that in 2007 more than a half-million Kentuckians, including 81,000 children, have no health insurance.

Recent U.S. Census data clearly indicated that after a decade of pouring more and more tax dollars into buying health insurance for people, the rate of uninsured in America hasn't budged.

How many more billions will we pour into this enterprise before we get the hint that it's the wrong approach?

We have the same thing with education in Kentucky. We continue to throw more money at education bureacrats and a graph of our student achievement continues to be defined by a flat line.

Can't help thinking a Governor Beshear lacking real solutions -- and casino gambling, with no support in the House or Senate is not a real solution -- has already picked out the slogan for his re-election campaign: