Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Way For The Republican Party To Win

I went down to City Hall in Lexington yesterday to show support for my friends who rallied to keep what's left of the city's blue laws.

If the local economy depended on my family going out and spending money on Sunday, it would utterly collapse. We go to church and we go home. But we are in a tiny minority. So too are those Lexingtonians who sought to make their voices heard yesterday.

And I'm not about to suggest any of these good people compromise their principles for a political agenda. But, clearly, something has to change or we will continue to see Christian ideals unceremoniously discarded.

The Republican party has become a fiscally liberal, socially conservative organization. This is a serious problem. Fiscal liberalism is a recipe for disaster for America and a pathway to an even worse socially liberal decadence than anything we see now.

The Republican party was taken over by social conservatives in the 1980's and began caving in on fiscal issues. Truth be told, Ronald Reagan did this to us more than anyone else.

We don't need another Reagan to get America back on the right track; we need to focus on fiscal conservatism first. There is plenty of room for opposing abortion-on-demand and various forms of government-sanctioned moral degeneracy in a party that focuses on getting our fiscal house in order first. In fact, look around. Feel your social issues voice slipping in influence? Doing the same things in the same way doesn't change anything else in your life, does it?

Start demanding your elected officials cut spending and watch your Christian ideals return to prominence. Reagan's social issues have to be combined with Goldwater's fiscal restraint in order for us to have either.