Saturday, November 11, 2006

Party Re-organization Starts Now

All the talk about the 2008 Presidential horse race overshadows the fact that the Republican and Democratic parties will likely see some important changes to how they operate over the next two years.

Starting in the spring of 2008, both parties will re-organize from the local precincts up to the national level. This involves potentially new faces and also fine-tuning of the parties' platforms.

If you have ideas about how things should be done for either party, you should get involved now. The Republicans must reassert their fiscal conservatism. Democrats need to be clear about where they are on the war on terror.

All to often, the same people run the county, district, and state conventions about like they always have. If you have an interest in changing that, now is the time to start gathering like-minded friends who will show up and vote with you.

The opportunity for new individuals to gain greater influence is enhanced by the shake-ups in both parties. Dem Chair Jerry Lundergan is very likely to face challenges to his leadership and the much-publicized power struggle in the Ky. GOP could create quick opportunities for new blood.