Monday, November 13, 2006

Casino Surreality

A big-government politician's dream -- casino gambling -- is playing out in absurd fashion in Indiana.

Despite ample evidence casinos cost governments more than they generate, politicians like cutting ribbons for new projects. Casino revenue generates lots of ribbon cutting. It generates even more in welfare costs, but no one calls a press conference for that.

Anyway, politicians in Indiana counties without casinos suffer a dearth of ribbon-cuttings and they are doing something about it.

Watching legislators fight to keep gambling boats here or there -- or move them, or license new ones -- is not something we want to get involved in here in Kentucky while we still have the choice. Sponsoring Senator Mudwrestling events on Friday nights would be more productive for the Commonwealth.

As Brereton Jones seeks to ride the casino gambling gravy train back to Frankfort, we should be encouraging people to take a closer look. We already rejected campaign "welfare for politicians." Casino gambling is nothing more than ribbon-cutting enhancement for politicians with a hefty price tag for taxpayers. Viewed properly, the casino gambling scam would be swiftly rejected by the people who will be buying the ribbons.