Friday, July 14, 2006

Napier Versus Fletcher Update

Governor Fletcher addressed about 200 Madison county Republicans tonight, reminding audience members of his administration's achievements. At one point in his discussion of improvements to legislative districts, Fletcher took a good-natured swipe at Rep. Lonnie Napier. He said "Lonnie didn't come home empty handed this time."

When asked if he was going to oppose Fletcher next year, Napier repeated his statement that "People are talking and I am listening."

That was as close as we got to fireworks. Ernie and Lonnie were both definitely in campaign mode, though. There can be little doubt now that we are headed for a GOP primary for Governor Fletcher.

My guess at this point is Lonnie Napier is in the race for governor, something I didn't think was the case before tonight. I think the unintended consequence of his candidacy, though, is that others will be emboldened to jump in as well.

A crowded primary benefits the governor greatly, by giving him a good reason to get out and make his case but diluting the effect of primary opposition on his road to the nomination.