Thursday, July 14, 2005

Manic Thursday: Politically Correct Islam

Today's new word is Islamophobia.

Probably was just a matter of time, but the word popped up this week because a gang of white Londoners beat a Muslim man to death, apparently for his cigarettes. According to witnesses, one of the attackers called the Muslim man "Taliban" while killing him and stealing his cigarettes.

The Muslim Safety Forum (dedicated to ensuring the safety of Muslims) is really upset that police have classified the murder for cigarettes as "racially aggravated" and not as "Islamophobia."

Azad Ali, who chairs the Muslim Safety Forum, said: "You can't class this as racist, there was no racist abuse shouted at him, it was Islamophobic. We are disappointed that they have misclassified it, especially after all the advice to be more alert to Islamophobic hate crime."

What is the world coming to when a raging horde of thugs can't go out and commit murder and mayhem without encountering a committee of Islamofascist politically correct agitators? I wonder if they would calm down if we set up sensitivity training classes for the families of all the innocent people who have died in the War of Terror.