Friday, July 15, 2005

Kentucky Columnist Blames 7/7 On Bush

Last week when we noted that a British MP was blaming the terrorist attacks in London on his government's role in the war, we knew that the rest of the world-wide left would be on board that train soon, backpacks loaded.

Flemingsburg Gazette editor Guy M. Townsend shows that the Howard Deanification of the American Left has reached into the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky.

Townsend invokes the name of Sherlock Holmes to lead himself to the conclusion that George Bush was responsible for the 7/7 attacks because he led the charge against al Qaeda in Afghanistan and then "diverted" attention from that base to Iraq.

If we follow your reasoning, Mr. Townsend, that keeping all our forces in Afghanistan would have allowed us to finish off the terrorists, then how do you possibly explain the fact that they got to Spain and England, neither of which is in the mountains of Afghanistan?

Lost on these wackos is the simple fact that this is a worldwide effort that defies their simplistic solutions. We just have to stay on guard against this kind of garbage. Let it serve as a fresh reminder that the American Left will say anything to draw attention to itself. We must periodically point it out to raise awareness of their tactics. They must not be allowed to prevail.