Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton wants to party like it's 2010

Hillary Clinton has spelled out on her campaign website plans to reboot ObamaCare which may explain why the left-wing establishment media has been so quiet recently about the mess that health reform has become.

She wants to pretend that it's 2010 all over again by resetting and expanding federal bribes to states to entice them all to accept Medicaid expansion. She wants to spend billions of dollars to paper over two of the most visible problems with ObamaCare: high premiums and unaffordable deductibles. She wants to increase by $500 million a year marketing expenses to advertise ObamaCare at everyone, expand coverage subsidies to everyone regardless of immigration status and restart the public option "cooperatives" back to the beginning with more money.

"Now we know why the mainstream media has gone suddenly deaf and dumb to all things ObamaCare," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Hillary Clinton's big idea for healthcare is to start all over with much more money and more federal control as if no one has learned anything from the massive failures of the last six years of ObamaCare experience."