Thursday, March 10, 2016

Bevin's brilliant "empty chamber" video

If you were a new Republican governor in Kentucky surrounded by a hostile opposition party and media eager to distort your message and stifle your efforts, what would you do? If you are Matt Bevin, you might make a video shining light on your message in a way that will cause your opponents to expose themselves as really not doing their jobs.

That's what Gov. Bevin did Monday.

His Facebook video has attracted nearly a million views as well as widespread media attention, mostly because he taped his comments in Frankfort's empty House chamber on Monday morning to complain about House Democrats dragging their feet on the budget. Democrat and media criticism has focused on the fact the House of Representatives' daily session does not convene on Mondays until 4:00 pm.

All this turned a white hot spotlight on Bevin so he could again point out the dire fiscal circumstances he inherited from Gov. Steve Beshear and the need for action from hesitant Frankfort Democrats.

It was a shrewd ploy that is working to keep attention on the need to reduce Frankfort spending. House Speaker Greg Stumbo and friends are stuck harrumphing around acting like the Governor can't tell time and he is getting needed attention to the fact that real time is wasting on real issues while the other side is playing politics as usual.