Monday, July 06, 2015

Obamacrat rubber-stamping yields a surprise

Kentucky's 2016 ObamaCare premiums are starting to get federal approval this week and while the big talk about regulators negotiating rates down for consumers has proven again and again to be hot air, the winds of change appear to have blown in something else: actual stealth tax increases.

An entry on Obama's "" site this morning approving a Kentucky Health Cooperative Platinum plan rate increase request of 19.99% includes the following shocking sentence under the heading "Insurer's Rate Increase Justification": "The increase in overall rates is based on higher than expected enrollment in plans, unexpectedly high claims experience, and an increase in administrative costs including increased federal and state taxes, GAP assessments and reinsurance." (emphasis added)

When, exactly, did we approve these increased taxes in 2015 to impact 2016 ObamaCare?