Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Obama attorney: taxing power for me, but not for thee

In U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments today, ObamaCare attorney Donald Verrilli argued the IRS has the power to mandate ObamaCare taxes and subsidies even when the law does not authorize such action. This power, of course, is found nowhere in the U.S. Constitution or in federal statute.

It simply does not exist, except in the minds of Obamacrats. So, Verrilli maintains, if President Obama wants his IRS to violate the letter and the spirit of the social contract between government and the people in order to tax and subsidize where no such authority exists, that's just fine.

But apparently that's either just a one way street or a power belonging only to Obama.

When Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts asked Verrilli today if a future administration hostile to ObamaCare could decide to revoke the taxes and subsidies he wants them to impose unilaterally now, he said they could not.

If the U.S. Supreme Court rules the IRS needs congressional approval to enforce ObamaCare mandates, taxes and subsidies, the law will effectively collapse right away in most states.