Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hold your nose: McConnell likes parts of ObamaCare

In one television interview, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell managed to open up two cans of worms for himself on ObamaCare.

Better grab your nose.

"There are a handful of things in the 2,700-page bill that are probably are okay," Mitch told WYMT Hazard on Tuesday. Do tell, Senator, but please try to keep the waste in the hundreds of billions for the rest of us.

And speaking of waste, McConnell squanders more time distorting the effort to defund ObamaCare when he said "the problem with the bill that would shut down the government wouldn't shut down ObamaCare."

Senator McConnell, the bill supported by Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz would prohibit federal spending on ObamaCare and destroy it too quickly for anyone to find out what parts of the law McConnell likes. The fact that mandates and taxes would stay on the books for a little while without any federal funding is a distinction without a difference if you are measuring distance between defunding and repealing.

Framing the debate as defunding the disastrous law in the current continuing resolution versus allowing the current spending plan to expire without a replacement is merely about buying time to unwind the law in an orderly fashion that works better for all Americans than stumbling on into the train wreck we are in no way ready for.

The truth Sen. McConnell doesn't want you to know is that his biggest campaign donors are perfectly happy with him making meaningless speeches about ObamaCare as long as he doesn't stop its implementation. That's what is really behind all this senatorial doubletalk.