Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Kentucky chooses unconstitutional route

Governor Steve Beshear's Department of Insurance has formally declined to attack one Christian health sharing group for practices used as justification to run another such group out of the state.

Fresh off a judge's ruling that Christian Care Medi-Share has until the end of the year to close all its accounts and stop serving customers in Kentucky, the DOI announced that it will not prosecute Samaritan Ministries for not submitting to state insurance regulation.

Arbitrary application of state laws violates Kentucky's Constitution.

The DOI is also considering whether to prosecute Christian HealthCare Ministries for the same crime of not falling in line behind the Department's capricious regulation. Should they do so, that would leave Kentucky Christians with only one viable alternative for health coverage when ObamaCare takes full effect.

Limiting consumer choice is not a valid justification for giving the government control of citizens' risk management decisions.