Monday, February 28, 2011

Kentucky requests ObamaCare waiver

With absolutely no fanfare, Governor Steve Beshear has admitted that ObamaCare won't work for Kentucky. Previously an unqualified supporter of Obama's policies, Beshear emailed the White House earlier this month and asked to delay some ObamaCare damage until after his term in office ends later this year.

With Kentucky quietly joining the growing list of states requesting exemption from part of ObamaCare, Kentuckians must fight harder for repeal of the whole thing, Tea Party Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett said.

"Governor Steve Beshear is very slowly starting to realize ObamaCare will bankrupt Kentucky and Senate President David Williams has been too busy fattening his pension to notice," Moffett said. "Kentucky's elected officials are turning our state over to Obama one stimulus check at a time when we should be getting government out of our health care decisions and out of our lives. This moment is what the Tea Party is all about."

In the email requesting the waiver, Kentucky Department of Insurance Commissioner Sharon Clark mentioned Kentucky's failed experiment with big-government health reform in 1994, saying that we still have not recovered from that move which left the insurance market "completely destabilized." Interesting that she could recognize that but couldn't add it up to see that government meddling is what caused that problem and the ones ahead.