Saturday, July 24, 2010

The next battlefield is Kentucky 2011

You may have heard that I will be starting work on a new project very soon. This is an important time for the Tea Party movement. We have shared in some amazing success. In doing so, we have built a strong team of Americans sharing our message of smaller government operating within the limits of existing revenues and within constitutional boundaries.

Now is the time to spread the field.

There will only be three gubernatorial elections in the United States next year, so the eyes of the nation will be on Kentucky and how seriously we take our form of self-government. Building a large, national list of people who want to continue to help getting our country back on track is critical to this effort. All Kentuckians have a stake in electing a governor who believes in real reform, obviously, but people in other states do as well. That's because Kentucky gets more money from the federal government than it sends in, so all Americans depend on Kentucky to get off the dole as quickly as possible.

Now is the time to kick our efforts into a higher gear. Please spread the word to everyone you know to join us by clicking here.


David Adams