Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vote for me to elect the other guy?

Interesting post on Peach Pundit from the Libertarian Party convention provides an unusual approach to getting a presidential nomination:
Gravel has a hit piece on Barr up around the convention this morning. It reads, “Do you really think we will win the White House? If we run Bob Barr, he will take votes away from McCain, then Obama or Clinton will be president for 8 years with a Democratic Congress. If we run Mike Gravel, he will take votes away from the Democrat and McCain will be president for 4 years with a Democrat Congress. Mike Gravel is our only smart choice!”

If the candidates' best line this year is going to be "waste your vote on me," enthusiasm for the Libertarian Party must be pretty low. Perhaps not as bad as the Greenies, but probably pretty low.