Friday, March 23, 2007

Jody Richards: I was against AMC tax before I was for it and now, doggone it, I'm against it again

The legislature could have repealed the AMC/LLET this year if Richards would have let it come up for a vote.

Now, more than anyone else running for Governor, he has had to tie himself up in knots on the issue:

When the Republican-sponsored AMC was proposed by Gov. Fletcher, I was the first and loudest voice to oppose it as unfair to small businesses. I was proud as House Speaker to lead the chamber that fixed its worst provisions during a special session last summer. I don't believe businesses operating in the red should have to pay income tax. As Governor, I will work to make the tax code much more business friendly. I want a system that is more effective; spurs growth; and does not unfairly burden one group over any other. We must do better to compete economically.

A stronger opponent would take Governor Fletcher out on this one. No candidate, no issue. Next...