Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Fat Lady Is Singing Kumbaya

Another press conference tomorrow promises to have another big-name Republican endorse Anne Northup for Governor. I'm guessing it will be former Commerce Secretary Jim Host, but it doesn't really matter. The Anyone But Ernie crowd has taken their shot, but it is about time to admit that it hasn't worked and that the conservative thing to do is get behind Governor Fletcher and push on through to November.

I say this as one who was sympathetic to the idea of changing horses in this primary. All the bonded projects and the AMC revenue-neutral tax increase were two big strikes against this administration, and the political miscues made it hard to watch and impossible to apologize for. But when it comes down to navigating the shark-infested waters as well as he has, Governor Fletcher has earned a chance to do better in his second term.

Look, even the Democrats agree. Any Dem candidates with real potential stayed out of the race. The leftovers who are figuring out now that they can't beat Steve Henry by going negative will all head for the hills after May. Whether Henry wins the primary or some other one makes it through, no one is going to want to listen to dredged up rumors about charges that didn't amount to anything on a scandal that by any measure isn't worth the ink it has received. The Dem candidate who builds a campaign on that will never get off the ground.

It's time to get used to the idea the Ernie Fletcher will very likely get a second term. Kentuckians need to get passed the our mostly inconsequential differences and work on improving our state together over the next four years.