Sunday, April 30, 2006

Stupid Republicans Prop Up Bad Liberal Arguments

The liberal Louisville Courier Journal rarely carries a strong point on its editorial page through to a conclusion. Today is no exception, but pitiful Republican pandering from Capitol Hill gives them every opportunity.

The topic is gas prices and the opportunity comes in the form of a GOP proposal to send out $100 checks to make people feel better about gas prices. Stupid. Then Republicans joined in the call for a soak the rich oil companies tax on profits. One might think that after so many failed soak the rich plans in the past, no one would still be holding out hope for one to not drench the middle class.

The CJ editorial concludes with the requisite call for increased taxes to fund government study of alternative fuels that the oil companies are already doing. Then they jump on ANWR again. They finish by charging political leaders with not leading.

To the extent Congressional Republicans side with Dems in an overly adversarial role against the energy companies, they give left-wing journalists the opportunity they seek to score points against a vital engine of the U.S. economy.