Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Bluegrass company claims "fountain of youth"

A new Kentucky health research firm has launched a unique combination of nutrition products through its direct sales distribution channel which shows early promise in improving athletic performance naturally.

"I am the first test subject and in just three months of taking Pruvit's Keto/OS Max combined with Visalus' NEON, the results have been amazing," Intracellular Dynamics President/CEO David Adams said. "I'll be 50 years old in April and I'm competing every day with athletes half my age and younger. I'm getting faster, stronger and my endurance is increasing rapidly. Mental improvements aren't something I'm really tracking, but they seem to be there too. I haven't felt like this in thirty five years."

Intracellular Dynamics is marketing the Max/Neon combination with a 30 second homemade video on social media, the first of which is titled simply "How."

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Tell Frankfort to repeal illegal ObamaCare tax

Kentuckians with health insurance pay a tax for Kentucky Access -- a high risk pool -- which no longer exists. The continued collection of this illegal tax violates Section 180 of the Kentucky Constitution and our new Republican legislature should repeal it in January at its first opportunity.

"Kentucky's work at escaping ObamaCare can't be completed without repealing KRS 304.17B taxes," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said.