Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dan Johnson defends Kentucky's REAL ID opposition

Earlier this year, Kentuckians shut down President Obama's effort to force citizens to purchase REAL ID federal government identification. Obama is now pushing harder to put additional costs and mandates on us and we must fight back.

"Obama and Hillary Clinton may want to prohibit Kentuckians from getting on airplane flights and Linda Belcher already voted for this nonsense, but we will fix it," Dan Johnson, 49th district House candidate said.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ObamaCare is dead here; repeal Kentucky's ObamaCare tax

Insurance industry sources report the meltdown in Kentucky ObamaCare is almost complete with Anthem, the last health insurer covering all 120 counties dropping PPO plans in 74 of them. With Gov. Matt Bevin's closing of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange underway, the state tax Obamacrats have been using to fund part of their activities -- authorized by KRS 304.17B-021 to fund Kentucky Access and improperly shifted to ObamaCare by Gov. Steve Beshear -- serves no purpose except to take money away from people already being gouged by government health regulation.

"Winning the battle against Kentucky ObamaCare remains incomplete until this tax is removed from the books and candidates running for state office next month should all be asked their positions on this so we will know," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said.