Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Will Frankfort pit taxpayers against

A major Kentucky employer is taking on healthcare costs in a big way just as a state Senate bill would commit taxpayer dollars trying to address part of the issue with a certain-to-be less effective new state bureaucracy.

Retail giant announced last week plans to enter the employee healthcare market with the sole purpose of lowering costs -- with no profits for middlemen. At the same time, Kentucky Senate Bill 5, which would start up a new state department to eliminate by decree all private pharmacy "benefit managers."

Even without the presence of Amazon's game-changing effort, Kentucky needs a new state-run healthcare middleman as much as we all need an extra hole in our heads.

Momentum on Senate Bill 5 has already slowed as even the political types realize we have much bigger fish to fry, but Kentucky Senate leaders would do very well to remove the bill from consideration and let the private market do what it does best. Thanks.