Friday, April 15, 2016

Bevin investigators, feds take on "Christian" fraudster victimizing drug addicts and taxpayers

Just days after clashing over ObamaCare repeal, federal and state health officials are working together to shut down a "Christian" drug treatment program in central Kentucky found to be bilking private citizens as well as state and federal aid programs.

Isaiah House, a Willisburg organization calling itself a "Recovery Center," has been found by state and federal authorities who spoke on condition of remaining anonymous to be committing Medicaid fraud, food stamp fraud, illegally dispensing prescription drugs and practicing medicine outside the scope of a license and without a license. The organization also has been unable to document its effectiveness at drug treatment.

"Hypocrisy in the name of Christianity is the worst kind I can think of and this is it," Kentucky Progress publisher David Adams said. "Their victims are among the most vulnerable people in Kentucky and I can't imagine the hell they are going through with this."