Sunday, October 26, 2008

Attack of Joe the Storm Trooper

At a Lexington political event Saturday, a local citizen was handing out brochures expressing opposition to the federal banking bailout when he was approached by two Lexington police officers. The entire event was caught on tape by a camera the young Republican was carrying. The officers asked him if he had any weapons, frisked him and, after finding nothing, one of the officers proceeded to rant about "jacking around" and then threatened to "take your head off your shoulders."

The audio makes clear that the young citizen did nothing to provoke the outburst and terroristic threat from the police officer.

Unfortunately, a small group of Mitch McConnell supporters then picked right up with the intimidation where the rogue police officer left off. Not good.

UPDATE: An anti-McConnell version of the video is also up on YouTube.