Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fayette jail mess takes another ugly turn

One month ago, you read here that Fayette County Detention Center's four indicted prisoner abuse scandal employees were being terminated.

The hammer has fallen on them.

Letters dated August 27, 2008 went out to Kristine Lafoe, Anthony Estep, John McQueen, and Clarence McCoy informing them that their employment with the jail had ended August 25 and that they had until September 7 to turn in all their equipment or face a civil lawsuit from the city of Lexington.

Mayor Jim Newberry still isn't talking and Director Ron Bishop is, inexplicably, still employed.

Meanwhile, the man whose testimony shined the light on the whole thing despite official efforts to shut him up and run him off, continues to twist in the wind. Cpl. John Vest, the whistleblower, still has not been either terminated or reassigned. He remains on unpaid leave.