Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brian Goettl Considering Run For AG

Saying Kentucky needs a non-partisan Attorney General, Jessamine County Attorney Brian Goettl tonight announced his interest in running for the office next year.

"The Attorney General's office needs someone who can serve in a non-partisan manner," Goettl said. "We haven't had that in Kentucky and that is why I am looking at the race."

Goettl was elected last month to his second term as County Attorney in Jessamine, a county with over 2500 more registered Democrats than Republicans. He didn't draw an opponent for his re-election bid in this year's race.

"I couldn't be effective in my job if I let party labels get in the way. That no one ran against me this time indicates I have been effective at that."

"The Attorney General is more than just a prosecutor. You represent Kentucky in a number of ways like civil matters and providing legal opinions. My record shows I can do that effectively."